• Photo of Raman equipment, Tim Korter, Mary Boyden
    Photo by Courtney Asztalos

Principal Investigator

Photo of Prof. Korter

Timothy Korter, PhD, FRSC
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Email: tmkorter@syr.edu
Faculty Website: http://thecollege.syr.edu/people/faculty/pages/chem/Korter-Timothy.html






Mary Boyden, PhD
Research Scholar and Adjunct Instructor
Department of Chemistry
Email: mnboyden@syr.edu

Elyse Kleist
Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry
Email: emkleist@syr.edu



Courtney Asztalos
Plastics and Historical Artifacts Curator
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
Email: casztalo@syr.edu